The Iron Ring is made from either iron or stainless steel. It is intended to be worn on the little finger of the working (dominant) hand. Worn this way, it is believed that the ring and its facets drag on the working surface while the engineer is drawing or writing, serving as a reminder of one's obligation while the engineer works. The ring symbolizes the pride which engineers have in their profession, while simultaneously reminding them of their humility. 

It serves as a reminder to the engineer and others of the engineer’s obligation to live by a high standard of professional conduct.

The Iron Ring has been registered and may be worn by any engineer who has been obligated at an authorized ceremony of the Ritual of the Calling of the Engineer. It is not a symbol of qualification as an engineer – this is determined by the provincial and territorial licensing bodies. 

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To receive an Iron Ring, eligible candidate engineers must attend the Obligation Ceremony.