I have an engineering degree from outside Canada. Can I attend an obligation ceremony and receive an iron ring?

Yes.  Click here for more details on eligibility.

Can I receive a ring without attending an Obligation Ceremony?

I was unable to attend Camp XIIIs ceremony when I graduated. What can I do?

You will need to wait for the following year's ceremony,  or you may attend a ceremony at any Camp in Canada and receive your ring.

No. your ring is a reminder of the obligation you have taken, so you must attend the ceremony in order to receive your ring.


What is the dress code for the ceremony?

The Obligation Ceremony is a solemn event, and candidates and guests are expected to wear business attire - generally what one would wear to a job interview.

What happens if I am late arriving?

Guests and candidates who are late for the ceremony will be denied entry.

Are guests permitted to attend the ceremony?

Yes!  The ceremony rules have shifted, and a total of up to two guests per candidate are able to attend, subject to available space. 

Who can present my ring?

You have two options for who presents your ring during a Camp XIII ceremony:

1) The actual ringing of the candidate may be done by any obligated engineer of your choice who has taken the obligation a minimum of 10 years ago. The intent of this requirement is to have Engineers of some experience, welcoming and encouraging you as a new Engineer.   An online Presenter form will be provided to candidates to fill out.

2) Seven Camp Wardens will be in attendance at the ceremony to present the rings to candidates who do not have presenters. In this case, the Presenter form does not need to be filled out.

IMPORTANT: If there is a possibility that a special circumstance exists concerning the individual you intend to ask to ring you, you must explain the circumstance in a written notice and submit it by email to to be approved by the Camp Wardens.The online Presenter from will also need to be submitted at the same time with the letter/email.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your proposed Presenter has not been Obligated (i.e. has not received their Iron Ring at a prior Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer), they cannot present an Iron Ring, or otherwise participate in, the Ceremony.  This requirement stands even if your proposed Presenter is a Professional Engineer, but has not been Obligated.   It is mandatory that a Presenter must be an Obligated Engineer.  No exceptions.


Can I replace somebody else's ring as a surprise?

No. You can only replace your own ring.

Is there a charge to exchange my ring?

No. If your ring is in good condition, you can exchange it for a different size ring at no charge. If your ring is not in usable condition, please purchase a new ring and your old ring will be retired.

I would like to exchange my ring and also keep my old ring. Is that permitted?

No. We do not allow obligated engineers to own more than one ring. If you would like to exchange your ring, you must relinquish the one that you have.

What do I do if I do not have access to my obligation number?

If you cannot access your obligation number, then we may be able to confirm your attendance from univeristy records. We may request additional information to confirm your identity.

IMPORTANT DATES! Stay tuned - see you next year!