The Corporation of the Seven Wardens is the body that holds the rights and the duty to carry out The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. It is organized into 28 regional branches, called camps, numbered by order of establishment. 

Camp XIII was founded in 1961 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario.  Although we are not connected, McMaster University and its faculty are supportive of Camp XIII, our mission, and the Obligation, and may participate in the administration of the Ceremonies. 

The Camp XIII wardens are volunteer engineers from the community who have taken the Obligation, and are charged with the responsibility of adminstration of the Camp and performing the Ceremonies for eligible individuals in the Hamilton area.

The mission and vision of Camp XIII, on behalf of the Corporation of the Seven Wardens, is fundamental to the camp activities and actions.

"To enable graduates of accredited engineering programs in Canada to commit to ethical conduct."

"To foster ethical conduct as a lifelong obligation for engineers educated in Canada."